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District 23 is the Epicenter of Southern Hospitality

Selma Native Robert L. Stewart Announces Run for Alabama Senate District 23

Running on the platform, “Restoring Power to the People” Stewart is riding the wave of a very populist movement. Folks are thirsting for change and this will be an innovative, people and issue focused campaign. Stewart said, “Rural communities matter and we must work together to ensure that our agency is realized. These past couple of years rural communities have endured so much hardship: a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, the shuttering of small businesses, disruption of education, and so much more.”    


Robert L. Stewart is a native of the historic Selma, Ala., where a sense of community and public service were instilled in him at a young age. Stewart believes there will be no superheroes that will come save anyone, but the unity of our beloved communities. 

We can “Restore Power to the People” through transformative investments


  • Investments in people are essential. Our platform strives to put people first. 

  • Investments are youth development is essential to create a whole child that will be productive to society. 

  • Investments in senior citizens. Too many of our senior citizens after working all of their lives, don’t have enough to retire in dignity. We must make sure that our elders are taken care of. 

  • Investments in quality housing for all. Everyone has a right to fair housing and we will advocate for good housing for every citizen in District 23. 

  • Investments in the social safety net. No one should be left behind in District 23 and we must advocate for a floor in which no one should fall under. People are working hard and we must ensure that poverty is alleviated through our social safety net. 

Economic Development 

  • Investments in jobs that pay a thriving wage. 

  • Investments in job training programs so that District 23 residents are prepared for good paying jobs that exist and for shovel-ready jobs coming. 

  • Investments in the agriculture industry because it is a leading source of economic development with an impact on Alabama's economy estimated at ($70.4 billion).  

  • Investments in tourism. “The total impact of the travel and tourism industry on Alabama's earnings in 2020 is estimated to be  $4.6 billion ” . 

  • Investments in small businesses because they are an engine of economic growth. 


  • Investments in infrastructure have a direct impact on one’s quality of life.

  • Infrastructure is more than roads and bridges. It includes sewage and environmental issues that plague our counties. We must make critical investments in our communities to make sure that we solve infrastructure inequality in our region. 

  • Investments in waterways and airports to help solve the supply chain crisis our nation faces. 

  • Investments in broadband are essential to make sure that our communities are viable in the 21st century. Broadband makes work and school possible in many instances so these investments would be transformative. 


  • Our public schools have suffered due to underfunding. We must ensure that every child has access to quality education. Our state government has a surplus and it is essential that we fund education to the fullest extent. 

  • Investments in early childhood education are essential. Studies show that when children have a strong early childhood education, it makes them more prepared for the grades that follow. We must ensure that all children in District 23 have a strong start so that they are set up for success. 

  • Investments in K-12 education. Strong public schools are vital in order to have vibrant communities. Teachers must be supported as well as students and parents. 

  • Investments in community colleges, HBCUs, and public universities are important to ensure economic prosperity. 


  • It is essential to have investments in healthcare, because if people aren’t healthy, it makes it difficult to have a functioning economy. 

  • Investments in preventive measures to lower comorbidities.

  • Investments in rural hospitals because they are the lifeline of communities. 

  • Investments in nursing students at our local community colleges and universities to help shore up the nursing shortages. 

  • We must make sure that Alabama families are not continually made vulnerable to rising healthcare costs (premiums have skyrocketed, deductibles are rising exponentially, life saving prescription drug prices make treatments unaffordable for too many Alabamians). 


“The splendor of District 23 is truly something to behold. From the Civil Rights sites of Selma/Marion to the delicious delicacy known as Conecuh sausage that hails from Conecuh Co., to the tourism destinations of Monroe County, this region is ripe with promise. 
Many people have been left behind and have yet to see a recovery and investments in economic development, health care, education, infrastructure, and most importantly people are essential. “Our people, all of us deserve better. When elected, I will work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of all Alabamians in the great District of 23.”

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